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Drakensberg Mountains

Scenic Flights

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Helicopters: 083 6527493
Microlights: 036 3523143
Hot Air Balloons: 036 3523143

Experience the mighty Drakensberg from the seat of one of the helicopters that operate in the Cathedral Peak surrounds. Flights vary in duration from 20 minutes upwards. As one surges skywards, the scenery that opens up is awe-inspiring. Thick blankets of cloud stretch puffily towards the horizon, jagged spines of mountain spurs snake valley-wards beneath one’s feet, and herds of eland graze peacefully on the grassy slopes. This is an experience never to be forgotten. One may even land on the little Berg and enjoy a picnic complete with champagne before continuing the flight and returning to base. If one wishes to experience the thrill of open-air flight and feel the wind whistle past one’s face, micro-lighting is also available.

Drakensberg scenic flights
Drakensberg Scenic flights


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